Remodel Title 24.

Remodel Title 24 Energy Report

Fill out the Remodel Title 24 information below. You will fill out the form, upload plans, and pay via PayPal or credit card. The turnaround time for the report is approximately 3-5 business days.This could take longer if all the information request on the form is not provided for the report.Please be sure to read every questions carefully and answer them correctly otherwise the outcome of your report may change.

Remodel Title 24 Report

‚ÄčRemodeling a construction according to Title 24 refers to a case where you are replacing energy features of an existing building. Situations like replacements of new windows or doors, enlarging windows and doors, insulating walls, replacing your roof, water heater upgrades, furnace/ air upgrades, altering the ductwork, or changing the heating and cooling systems are also ways or remodeling a house. These are all examples of projects that may need Title 24 report.  

For remodeling, Title 24 requires you to consider some options:

  • Depending on your climatic location, consider insulating your walls as much as it will not include the whole house. Most especially, consider insulating your attic by using specific insulation based on your climate zone, or radiant barrier plywood to reduce the amount of heat in an attic space.
  • When remodeling, your cooling and heating system, and water heating systems need to be upgraded to match the specific compliance qualifications. The minimum cooling efficient is 14 SEER and 12.2 EER and changing to a tank less water heater rather than replacing a tanked water heater will be required to meet the new code.
  • Remodeling may call for replacing most of or all of your windows and replacing lighting to LED for more efficient lighting. It can get expensive, but again it is for your own good, by making these upgrades you will see long term energy savings.
  • Remodeling can generally require Title 24 report, especially when the existing windows, HVAC or insulation is being changed. You can call us to help you decide whether you need a Title 24 or ask your local building department for their requirements based on your remodel.