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California designed the California Green Building Standards Code known as “CALGreen” to integrate sustainable design and construction. The code’s mandatory and voluntary measures strive to lessen environmental effects during and after construction while boosting building efficiency in energy and material usage.

What is CalGreen

CalGreen is the first mandatory green building standards code in the country. The California Green Building Standards Code (CBSC) developed CalGreen to meet the state’s landmark initiative’s goals. 

Its purpose is to enhance general welfare, safety, and public health. CalGreen strengthens construction and design by developing concepts with lower impact and positive environmental effects. It supports sustainable construction practices in the following categories:

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    Design and Planning
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    Energy Efficiency
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    Water Efficiency and Conservation
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    Resource Efficiency and Material Conservation
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    Environmental Quality
2019 CalGreen Checklist

The current edition comprises of mandatory standards to reduce energy and water consumption and support environmentally healthier, cost-efficient, and sustainable places to work and live. The code addresses the following projects:

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    New Constructions

The needed documentation is composed of waste management plans and logs, materials specifications, and commissioning. 

Do you want to comply with CalGreen? Then you need a 2019 CalGreen checklist!

2019 Residential CalGreen Checklist

A CalGreen Checklist is a form that is required when submitting your building permit application. It aims to record which California Green Buildings Standard Code items your project will comply with. Did you know that it was created to ensure that your project’s design team has integrated the building design’s ethical requirements? 

The CALGreen code has been around for some time, but in recent years, it is becoming implemented more often in all jurisdictions. That’s why a massive number of homeowners are not familiar with it. The purpose of the Cal Green checklist is to confirm your design team has covered all the needed items within the project. 

Choose for All Your Home Energy Needs

The California Green Building Standards Code can be complicated, but the requirements do add massive value to your project. It is necessary to have experienced and knowledgeable CalGreen experts to help you throughout the process.

At, we have years of experience, not just in sustainable design. We can also help you comply with CalGreen Building Code. This comprehensive experience can help guarantee your construction project is not over-committing on your requirements. 

We have made in-house processes that let us offer CalGreen permit documents faster and cost-efficiently. You can depend on SoCal Title 24 to provide you with CalGreen checklists complete with your project’s specific information.

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